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Facebook for Business Talk

Click the link above to download a PDF of Alli's talk.

Sellability Score

This free tool reveals how to spend less time in your business today while building an asset you can sell down the road!

Great Printable - What's a great quality to ensure biz success?

I asked mums 'What's a great quality for a biz mum to have to succeed (or at the very least, not go crazy). These were their answers.

Basic Business Plan Worksheet

Great Basic Business Plan Outline from Fiona Redding of Vivacity Consulting to help you get your business plan together.

Motivating Mum Review and Goal Setting Sheet

To help you review the year that's been and plan for the year to be.

28 Top Tips of Businessminded Mums

28 business tips from mums who have been there and are doing that. Print and put on your wall for great daily reminders.

The Values Game

Just launching your business? Or having difficulty finding motivation to run your current business? It could be because the business you run is not in line with your values. Take this quick test to find out what your core values are and then you can decide how to incorporate them into the running of your business.

Social Marketing Worksheet

A downloadable plan from Motivating Mum enabling you to determine your business aims and the appropriate social marketing action/s to achieve these.  Keeps you efficient and effective!

Jung Typology Test

Personality test with descriptions of your personality type and career recommendations.

Sumo Brain provides a worldwide patent database, along with tools to help organize and collaborate on patent research, helping anyone in business in several ways, including competitive research, ideas for new products, and avoiding potential patent infringement issues.  Great source of free advice, information and resources for start ups.

Rachel Elnaugh Entrepreneurial Profiler

This free Entrepreneurial Profiling Test comprises 12 questions and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the Test, you will receive an immediate result telling you which of the 9 unique Entrepreneurial Types you Profile as.

How to create Harmony in the Home

Best tips to help you try to create a more harmonious home so you have more time to have fun and enjoy being a parent.


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