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Setting up a new office can be a daunting task. Like moving house, setting up a new office can be ridden with physical and financial strain. Knowing what to spend and save on can make a difference in your budget.

These money saving tips and investment ideas will help you set up an office that's stress free and ready for business.


Ways to Save

Setting up a new office does not mean breaking the bank on the latest technology and supplies. On the contrary, there are numerous ways to get more, for less.

  • Do you really need all that office space? Perhaps you have a budding start up and all you need are just a few desks. Co-working spaces are great for small businesses. A shared office space also means you can bounce idea off like-minded people.
  • If your business is mostly handled online then invest in technology and limit your office space. This is especially relevant if you have an e-commerce business where you may not need to have the stock physically at your office. In this case, a good drop ship supplier and reliable communication tools will trump a fancy office space. Solid organisation and functionality will set the tone for your productivity so start that process off by saving on space.
  • Limit the ongoing cost of your office stationery by converting ink and physical documents to digital copies. Studies have actually shown respondents who had converted documents into electronic formats rated digital documents as nearly as high as 14% more effective than their counterparts that had no plans to digitalise.
  • A long lasting and affordable piece of hardware from the Fuji Xerox range will save you immeasurably over time, freeing up finances for other business opportunities. For true innovation consider a unit that is a printer, scanner and fax machine rolled into one to save even more.
  • Think outside the box with creative money savers such as; embrace natural lighting over the expensive electricity bills. Another great cost cutter is lowering your financial output on items that could be replaced with cheaper models, think tables and desks, same function at a cheaper price.

What to spend

While cutting costs is a great way to keep money where it belongs, in your possession, there are some new office necessities where spending can be rewarding in the long run.

  • If the item in question is key to productivity then consider buying something that will last. Chairs are a great example -if your business will require you or employees to be seated during the day then you want quality seating that won't distract from work.
  • The upfront costs of quality computers and other technologies can be daunting but if they are key to your business then it is worth it long term. Quality hardware requires less maintenance which will have you saving later, in return for spending now.
  • Business insurance. Your new office is your livelihood so it's only natural to protect yourself from damage and/or liabilities in the future. If you take care of it now, then something goes awry, you have the benefit of knowing someone else will take care of it for you later.

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