"your image is your personal brand,

what do you want it to say"?

Your appearance tells the world about your state of mind and how well you value yourself. If you are an entrepreneur and running your own company then you and you alone bear the responsibility of creating an image that reflects your brand. 

Before you start to think about dressing to represent your brand you need to be very clear on what your core values are. Every decision we make is based on our core values, how you choose to run your business will be influenced on your core values. Remember you have control over what people think of you. Decide on how you want to be perceived and then work on dressing for that image.

I am going to take you through a very simple two step process to get your started.

Step One

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of your values. By doing this exercise it will bring clarity to you on what your values are. You may think you know what they are but until you write them down, you will not have a clear understanding of what you stand for.

People need to see the authentic you and before that happens, you need to know who that person is.

My core values are:

Step Two

The next step is creating your unique style statement, which is a reflection of your brand.

It is not just a physical fit that is important; it is about a psychological fit, which means that your clothing represents your values and personality, and a situational fit, which means your look complements your role and the occasion.

Below is a picture of me dressed in a situational fit for meeting with a corporate client, while also representing my values and personality. My style statement for a corporate situation is professional, successful, stylish and unique. These words are how I want to be perceived by my corporate client.

How people remember us:

personal brand

What is your ideal visual image?

Our visual image can help to enhance our life, keep the status quo, or sabotage possibilities. What is your visual image? How would you like to be perceived? Put a tick next to four or five words that best describe how you want to be perceived.

Remember it has to be a situational fit. You may not choose the words professional, powerful and forward-thinking if you are going to your child's classroom to help with their reading. You would probably be looking at approachable, friendly, helpful and fun. You don't want to frighten the children by power dressing! 

Creative Attractive Forward-Thinking  
Dynamic Relaxed Upbeat
Reliable Powerful Considerate
Efficient Successful Credible
Sharp Elegant Approachable  
Professional Dramatic Helpful
Stylish Versatile Modern
Sophisticated   Easy-going   Fun
Classic Alluring Unique

Once you have your 4 or 5 words then refer to them when you are choosing an outfit and ask yourself does my outfit reflect the image I want the world to see in whatever situational environment you are going into.

The above words are just suggestions, there are many more words that might fit with you better.

The outfit I am wearing below I wore to an image consultants conference; professional, stylish, elegant, approachable and unique. I know these words so well now they are etched in my brain and I instinctively know when I am not being true to those words because I just won't feel comfortable, I won't feel like me.

personal branding

There will be clothes in your wardrobe that are disguising, hiding, diminishing, and undervaluing you. Sadly, we only wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobe and I think that is being generous! In the right clothes, you can see both your inner and outer beauty, and so can others. You can see the truth about yourself and reflect that truth everyday.

Investing in the services of an image consultant can help you become a better version of yourself and make you stand out from your competitors. 

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Jo Shiers is The Style Adviser
An experienced sought after personal branding stylist.