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Many of us have found the leap to starting and maintaining a from-home business more terrifying than committing to actually attempting to stick to your resolutions this year (and probably more difficult, too). How will you get sales? Clients? What's your business plan?

Well, here's one method to help out all you future titans of industry. For those of you who have products and services that just need more exposure and buzz, trade shows and professional presentations are an excellent solution. Don't worry - here's exactly what to do.


1. Locating a trade show

Most people probably think that the only "trade shows" are the annual car show and maybe the Comic Convention with all those crazy costumes. In reality, cities host a variety of trade shows every week, in different conference and convention centres around the city. These are typically advertised in magazines, commercials, billboards, and etc. These are what you're looking for.

Most trade shows typically cost a small chink of money to enter, but it's often well worth the price of admission for exhibitors. People still flock to these shows, looking for great deals on popular goods and services, like yours.

2. Setting your business up

You're registered - now what?! Please: now is not the time to experiment with construction paper and arts and crafts to make your display. Creating a professional point of sale display is crucial to creating a professional, competitive display. The same goes for book and article titles - if no one likes the title, who's going to read the book?

Fortunately, there are a variety of companies that help in creating logos, boards, displays, pamphlets, and more for companies like yours. They can also help set up all technology and internet connections as well! No tech experts of professional consulting needed here.

3. Making the sale

Of course, any successful person-to-person interactions in business are founded on simple ideas of trust and service. It doesn't matter if you have the most solid business strategy or most professional-looking booth in the hall - if you don't have excellent and personal customer interactions, you probably won't be leaving a great impression.

That being said, it's time to turn on the charm at these trade shows and exhibition halls. Practice being as personable, informative, and serving as possible. Work on your "elevator pitch" - your short and sweet explanation on your product that could be told in a short elevator ride with someone. You're set up, your company looks good - the rest is up to you.

4. Determining if trade shows are the best route

Unfortunately, trade shows aren't for every small home business. Perhaps you made a leap of faith and come up empty-handed at your trade show, but that's alright. Make mistakes of ambition, not mistakes of complacency. Making business risks is an integral part of any home business - but it's all about making the right risks.

Were trade shows the best avenue for your product? Maybe sticking to exclusively online sales is the way to go. Maybe you need to change your target market, or develop a new and improved product. Whatever the case, trade shows will continue to be an excellent avenue for home businesses looking to make a jump in exposure and, hopefully, profit.



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