first aid kit must havesThis is a sponsored post.

When it comes to balancing work and family obligations, it is essential to be prepared for any type of emergency that could arise. Among the most important tools you will use as a working mother is a first aid kit that you can rely on to be stocked with everything you need to provide immediate care to minor and serious injuries. Here are 10 must-haves for your first aid kit that will give you peace of mind while demonstrating just how prepared you are for any type of situation.

1. Bandages: This first-aid kit staple is the most often used item so be sure to replenish your stock periodically. Also, include bandages in multiple sizes along with a few colorful ones to turn your kids' tears into smiles. If your kids are super athletic, or if you have something like an in-house skate vert ramp, you should also consider upgrading your "bandages" to include something like an air cast in case of broken bones. These are a great way to prevent further injury until a Doctor can be seen.

2. Thermometer: Temperatures can rise in an instant, and they often occur late at night or just when you are leaving for work. Avoid the midnight search for a thermometer by keeping one tucked away in your first aid kit. Then, it will always be easy to find at a moment's notice.

3. Antibiotic Ointment: When your kid gets a cut or abrasion, it is important to make sure no germs are left behind. In addition to washing the wound, apply an antibiotic ointment that can guard against infection.

4. Insect Bite Relief: If you have a child that suffers from insect allergies, then you should always have an extra epi-pen available in your kit. Those who react with the typical bites should still have some bite relief ointment on hand to help relieve the itch.

5. Sterile Gloves: Although you know your kids' health status, you never know when you may need your first aid kit to treat someone else. Stashing a few gloves in the kit will not only protect you, but it will also help you to avoid transferring germs to someone's wound.

6. Flashlight: While most people rarely include a flashlight in their first aid kit, I have learned that this item can be a lifesaver for nighttime temperature checks. Injuries are also more likely during other emergencies such as a natural disaster when a flashlight can make it easier to apply first aid.

7. CPR Mask and Reference Chart: In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget the basic steps for CPR. Be sure to include a mask for safety and a chart that can serve as a quick reminder of what you need to do to save a life.

8. Hand Sanitiser: Little kids are constantly picking up germs, and hand sanitiser can be one of your best defenses against infections. Include a small bottle in your kit to use before treating someone else's injury and to sanitise your kid's hands so they do not add germs to their cuts and scrapes.

9. Cold Compress: For those little bumps and bruises, a cold compress can relieve pain and reduce swelling. Include a cold compress that freezes upon breaking so that you do not have to go in search of ice if you are out running errands.

10. Tweezers: Splinters are another common injury that kids frequently receive on the daycare playground or while spending the day at the park. For those that are on the skin's surface, tweezers are the perfect way to get them out.

Busy mums know that a well-stocked first aid kit can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Before you forget, now is the time to go and stock your kit with bandages and all of the other supplies you need to keep your kid safe. Then, make sure your nanny, partner and any other adults know where to find it in the event of an emergency.

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