tips for listing on auction sitesThis article brought to you by Quicksales

If you are looking for some different sales avenues for your business products or services, you may want to consider one of several new selling and auction sites in the marketplace such as Quicksales. Here are some tips for listing on auction sites to ensure you keep sales high and customers happy.

Communication is key! Shout it from the rooftops to everyone you know that you are now selling on an additional platform. If potential customers don't know your products/services are available on a site that provides a safe and cost effective sales platform, they won't visit. Use social media, blog posts, newsletters and even on invoice footers.

Protect Your Buyers. You are more likely to attract customers if you provide them with some sort of guarantee or protection and they know their purchase is secure. Buyer Shield is one such method of protection that is used by auction and can protect your customers for up to $400. Look into other methods used by sites to offer buyers peace of mind including "proof of delivery" and "postage insurance" in your selling preferences and offer at least one safe payment method such as PayPal. It is also wise to offer a few payment options to ensure you do not lose any potential customers.

Stand Out. Basic listings can be fine for many products/services but if you are offering a niche product or one that is in a crowded marketplace with lots of competition, you may need to add a little extra to your listing to get noticed. Consider things like listing upgrades (feature on the home page or first in your category), use bold headings and borders where possible and look at other options available on each site such as ad campaigns, listing on other web pages, pick of the day etc. All of these methods can increase your exposure.

Be Fair. Ensure your product and postage pricing is fair or potential buyers will simply skip your listing. Don't try and compensate for a low sale price with postage as buyers do not respond favourably to hiked up postage costs. Keep your postage and delivery at market price and don't add any cream on top for your profit. Savvy buyers know how much it costs to post items.

Optimise Your Listing. Think about what potential buyers are searching for and what search term they will use and incorporate these terms in your title. Expand on your product offering in the description making sure to detail everything buyers will want to know including condition, size, colour, brand etc. The less questions a buyer needs to ask the better. Also use good quality photos and provide at least 3 different views.

Do Your Research. It's good to know what your competitors may be doing so that you can do it better! Find out what comparable items are advertised for and what they subsequently sell for. You will find it easier to set a starting price. How are they marketed? How can you improve on what others are doing?

Customer Service. Remember, on any site you use, good customer service matters. If potential buyers have questions about your item, answer their queries in a timely and polite fashion. No matter how clear and descriptive your listing is, people will still ask you the obvious!

Sites such as Quicksales offer sellers an alternative sales channel for products that provide a local marketplace for Australians. Such sites are quick, easy, safe & 100% free to sell. By following the above tips for listing on auction sites, you will be well on your way to making some extra cash, gaining new customers and keeping your current ones happy.

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