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Being a mother and running a business that turns a decent profit is a real challenge. Mums all around the world try it every year, and only a small percentage of those women have success. The key to creating a successful self-owned business is to reach out to your community both physically and digitally. No matter how big or small your dreams for the business are, there are five simple steps to success.

1. Reach Out to Media
Whether you are planning to take your business across the street, across the nation, or around the world, the media is an amazing resource to get your name and your business in front of potential customers. Find out what papers, journals or radio stations are looking for self-interest stories and drop them a line. Give a very brief run down on your business and what it has to offer, then include appropriate contact information. Journalists like it when the leads come to them. It means they don't have to go out and look for it themselves. 

2. Utilise Social Media
There are a number of social media outlets for businesses of any sort. Create a Facebook page and encourage your friends and family to help you spread work through the link; get on Twitter and create daily tweets appropriate to your business (for example, daily crafting tip for a craft business); get on LinkedIn to expand your professional connections. Even putting a video on YouTube and linking it back to your other sites will help increase your visibility.


3. Get Involved in Your Community
Putting a face and a personality to your business within your community is one of the best ways to expand on your potential customer base. You can either help with 5K runs or sponsor an entire little league softball team, and anything else in between to make your brand and your business memorable. The more the community is forced to come into contact with your business the more likely the people within it are going to be to come to you.

4. Ask for Referrals
This is one of the hardest tasks for any small business to do. To some new businesses it feels like asking for handouts. Just remember that every business generates more sales off referrals, even large corporations. To increase incentive for those who give you lucrative business referrals, offer promotional gifts. Everyone likes to get free stuff. Giving the referrer and the new business free gifts is incentive not only to refer others, but to come back for more as well.

These gifts can be little gifts like bottle openers or pens, to larger items like t-shirts or electronic accessories. All of them should be branded with your name to remind them where it came from as well. It's a great way to say "Thank you for your business."

5. Network
Remember, Motivating Mum began as a 40 person coffee house workshop before transforming into what it is today. This success didn't just happen. The result of increasing audience comes from networking. Associate your business with others that work in conjunction with it. For example, if you're a photographer, network with photo printing or shipping companies.

Every business starts somewhere. Just remember that there are others out there who want to help your business succeed. Whether you have a brick and mortar storefront or an online one, the success of your business can be achieved through these five simple steps.


start up


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