Facebook postEver wondered what to post on your Facebook Business Page? Do you consistently post business information, photos and even grab posts from other pages? Below are 3 key types of posts that aide in boosting engagement and maintain creativity in your brand! 

Ask A Question:

Use Facebook as an opportunity to ask questions of your fans. This can be in the form of a Quick Poll or a simple question/answer.

For example:

  1. A Burger Restaurant may post: "Avocado and Brie on a Burger. Yes or No?"
  2. A Fashion House may post: "Love Kate's Scarf and Hat Combo – What do you think?"
  3. A Shoe Retailer may post: "Heels or Flats for Work?"

Add a relative image to the post and watch the discussion follow!

Asking questions of your fans also gives you an opportunity to find out what they like so that you can better serve their needs. Be strategic in your posts to get the maximum benefit out of the responses!

Fill In The Blanks:

Creating a post that requires a simple response is gold. The easier the better! One way to do this is to create text/image that has one word blanked out – and requires the fans to give their opinion.

For example:

  1. A Burger Restaurant may post: "The best sauce on a burger is .........."
  2. A Rock and Roll Dedication Page may post: "If I could sing one song with Elvis it would be........"
  3. A Gym may post: "The best time to exercise is in the ..........."

Again creating these questions based around information you wish to know about your fans can provided invaluable research data for you to use!

Offer Something Useful:

Fans want to be excited. They want useful information that they can use. Tips and hints are fantastic for building your online reputation as it demonstrates that you know what you are talking about and are happy to share this information with your fans.

No matter what your business is, there is sure to be some useful wisdom you can impart on the world, creating the idea that you are, indeed, the expert on the topic.

For example:

  1. A Fashion House may post: "Marry a white silk shirt with a statement collar...throw on a pair of skinny jeans and some wedgy shoes and you are good to go anywhere!" – Include image.
  2. A Gardening company may post: "Do you live in the arid areas of Australia? Beetroot is perfect to plant at this time of the year" – Include a map of Arid Regions.
  3. A Beauty Therapist may post: "Tip for in-between waxing – try not to pluck your eyebrows. Your beauty therapist needs to see the natural line in order to get your shape correct" – Include Image.

 Keep it short, simple and easy to implement. Try to keep it to 1 sentence, accompanied with an appropriate image. If there is more to the hint, include a link and text that says "Read More...". Remember, though, that each snippet of information is another useful post, so giving away too much in one post is like eating all of your Easter Eggs at once.... Save some for later!

Facebook post

No matter what you post – make sure it has a purpose. Ensure that if your purpose is to sell products you do it gently and in a way that the fans won't really notice. Facebook is not a place for the regular Hard-Sell.

Stick to these methods and your fans will not only be engaging – they will be coming to you for more!

Amelia Eagle is the Social Media Director at PAX Social Media. PAX Social Media help Australian small business owners take charge of their online presence.

"Like Love" image courtesy of Stuart Miles / www.freedigitalphotos.net