Being a mumpreneur myself, I know how challenging it can be and I feel that it's the mum building a business, whilst trying to raise kids and do all else associated with being a mumpreneur, who really deserves our support.

To help these mums, every year I run Mummy Mentoring Festival, enabling mums to get mentoring with high-profile/successful biz women in Oz for a fraction of what they normally cost (if they mentor at all).

100% of all funds raised during Mummy Mentoring Festival always goes to a worthy charity or cause that helps mums and this year, funds go to Share the Dignity. "As an organisation, Share the Dignity oversees a number of initiatives that give back to Australian women and children in need, with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence. Our services range from collecting sanitary items for homeless women and those fleeing domestic violence, providing support to children who have been affected by domestic violence and funding the funerals of domestic violence victims."

How does it work?

  1. Check out all the mentors below (by clicking on their hyperlinked name). It will take you to their profile so you can read more about their business, their background and what they can mentor on
  2. You can click through and donate to enter for all the mentors on their respective profiles
  3. Bidding goes live on Mon, Sep 4 at 7am
  4. When prompted, donate $4 for one entry into the draw for your chosen mentor
  5. If you want to donate more than once ($8 for 2 entries, $12 for 3 entries and so on) you are able to do that
  6. You can also donate for more than one mentor - hells! you can donate for all of them if you like!
  7. If you are ready to donate for a mentoring session, you can click through on the Donate Here button at the bottom of this page
  8. Donations accepted until Mon, Sept 25 at 10.00pm
  9. Winners notified on the MM Facebook page and by email at on Tue, Sept 26.

Choose your Mentor/s

If you're a mumpreneur or WAHM and miss out on winning a session, don't forget you can always book a 30-min mentoring session with Alli from only $36 for 30 min. Anytime you need to chat, I am here x