Name: Tanya Cunningham
Location: Canberra

Coaching Mum


There are lots of things I love about being a mum. Every day has so many little opportunities for joy. But when I changed from a professional work life to being a full-time stay-at-home mother, I struggled a bit with the transition. I went from feeling structured and efficient to wondering whether I'd ever achieve the goal of keeping my children happy and fed. After talking with lots of mums, I found they faced similar challenges and also grappled with feeling guilty, inadequate and unsure.

I started my business Coaching Mum so that I could help mothers to make the most of the season of having young children. I want mums to discover a new vision for their life where they feel valued and fulfilled in all areas, whether that's work, volunteer or home roles. I love working with mums who are just starting out their journey into motherhood, as well as women who are a bit further down the road and need some help to find balance and peace in their hectic lives.

The reason I love Motivating Mum is because it shares so many of the same values that I have: to encourage, support and build up other mums. Meeting other Business Mums through the monthly club meetings is a great opportunity to share our stories and learn from one another.

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