Name: Fiona Stock
Location: Bundoora, Melbourne

Easy Breezy Parties


Hi, I'm Fiona, and I'm the founder of Easy Breezy Parties, offering downloadable DIY themed party guides that take your kid's parties from boring to awesome (without you losing the plot). I also ghost write blogs and newsletters, run fun incursions in schools, and work part-time as a receptionist. Oh, and I'm solo parent to one rambunctious little girl. Perhaps my official work title should be 'Juggler'.

I've been self employed for over 15 years, with 3 businesses, and so far have also worked as a management consultant, professional belly dancer, shop manager, town planner's assistant and digital product designer. I often wonder what's next. What has remained consistent is my choice to work in women-centric industries. I just love that most women are down-to-earth, friendly and industrious is the workplace, with little time for competitive posturing.

Right the way through my journey I've networked with other self-employed women. I love to help support others, and get so much from these connections myself. I've been a member of Motivating Mum now for 4 years, and absolutely love the supportive, friendly group that we have. Whenever I have a question, someone has the answer...or knows someone that does. For me, our biz mum's club has been a space where I can be the 'real' me - sometimes on top of the world, sometimes huddled in a corner - with no judgement, just support. I think that's priceless.

Contact: Fiona Stock

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