Name: Helen Micallef
Location: Point Cook, VIC

Infinite Possibilities


In 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my life changed dramatically. I decided to handle this illness through nutritional, vitamin and spiritual therapies and said no to all the usual treatments out there. Making this decision was the most difficult decision of my life.

Since then I have been on a journey of discovering myself and what I love to do and I have found that I love to help other women overcome their own obstacles in life. I have come to realise that I what I did back in 2011 saved my life and I can use this to help so many others as well and you know what, it really comes easy to me.

So, my passion is to empower women and I do this through support and advice when something in their lives have to change. This can be something along the lines of health, personal and even business.

I believe that we have an infinite amount of wisdom but sometimes we are so troubled and confused that the answers are not so easy to see, so what I do is help you to find the answers, the solutions and the strategies to achieve the results that you want. Believe me they are there.

My business Infinite Possibilities is based on this ability because I really do believe that there are infinite possibilities everywhere.

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