Jo Davey and Emily Jones

Location: Frankston, Vic

Girl Friday VA Solutions

Acacia Wellness, My Birth Wishes & The Garden


Jo Davey

Starting a business can be as scary and lonely as being a new mum, people have HEAPS of advice for you and they all contradict each other, so what do you do? Join a mums group for biz mums! My Motivating Mum group have been an amazing support to me, we aren’t too serious, not too laid back but we have support each other through big and little business changes and new businesses. Along with Emily I am excited to be the Associate for the Frankston Business Mums group and to continue to support local biz mums.

A little about my business life...

Girl Friday VA Solutions was born from me chatting with friends at all hours of the night whilst I was up feeding my baby overnight and they were up dealing with business headaches. I knew I could help these mums find some balance in their lives and their families and I could put my administration background to good use whilst working around my family.

Girl Friday allows me to be the mum I need to be to our 4 & 6 year old daughters, whilst doing everything else being a mum and wife and a woman entails!

As a mum I understand mums wanting to do it all and show that insta-perfect lifestyle but I also know that behind the camera there might be child pulling your chair or getting in to the snack cupboard whilst you are having a client call and you can’t yell at them! As mums and as business women we need to support each other so we can shoot for the starts and as my clients business sidekick I get to do that all of the time! 

Emily Jones

After taking the terrifying but exciting jump away from a 15 year corporate career & into running my own business whilst also being a mum to two, I very quickly recognised the importance of having a supportive tribe around me. Motivating Mums was the perfect fit from the get go by not only providing me with the inspiration & motivation I needed to create a successful business but I have also formed lifelong friendships that I couldn’t imagine my life without! After almost 3 years in Motivating Mum I have 3 businesses & have stepped into some big shoes as the Associate for the Frankston Business Mums group to continue my passion for helping women create positive lives for themselves & their families.

A little about my business life...

Through Acacia Wellness I help families to create calm beginnings from conception, birth & beyond. I am a huge advocate for education & as a childbirth educator I am able to offer an array of birth education to empower families to have positive birth experiences which continues into their parenting journey through post-natal education, placenta encapsulation & infant massage. It was through countless conversations with parents over the years about the difficulty in advocating & communicating their desires that I was inspired to create the My Birth Wishes app which is a simple, effective tool for families to share their wishes with their care providers.

Managing these two businesses from home quickly become a logistical nightmare & I was ready to find my own space for my business. A common issue for working Mums I discovered that a colleague was also experiencing the same issues & so we came together to great a space where business could connect, collaborate & grow. The Garden – Mind Body Business opened its doors in 2016 & offers a nurturing & dynamic environment for consulting, co-working, workshops, events, classes, podcasting & is also the host venue for the Frankston Motivating Mums Business Club!

We have two clubs on offer to Mums one on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday - so you can choose which day is best for you!

We would love to welcome you to join us at the Frankston meeting, please contact Emily & Jo here


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