Name: Jo Raydan
Location: Frankston, Melbourne

Gentle Safe Green


My name is Jo Raydan, the founder of Gentle Safe Green, and for the past 35 years, I have been researching information on the natural way to do things.


Over the years I have discovered so much about chemicals - and the misinformation regarding these - that we use every day in our homes. The useless fillers, the chlorine based products and the petrochemicals. These highly toxic ingredients are not necessary, nor safe, and I have made it my mission to increase people’s awareness of these harsh chemicals, whilst also promoting safe alternatives.

My goal is to reduce the number of children who end up in hospital each year due to dangerous chemicals in the home.

For over 27 years, I have worked with Tri Nature, training and supporting women to create their own home based businesses. I’m so passionate about this part of what I do, for so many reasons: women get to contribute to their families financially: I’m surrounded by likeminded people who are positive and enthusiastic; I help others with their skin issues and allergies; and I assist women to find a space in their life where they are acknowledged for who they are individually, not only a wife, or mother. Supporting women to genuinely take control of their lives is so rewarding!

As well as running my own business I have been involved in many community committees including my son's college for six years, three of those years as president. I have four beautiful sons aged 21 to 31 years of age and an eight year old grandson.

Now that my boys are all adults and I have a little more time to myself, I’m doing things I have always wanted to do. Learning French: Bonjour! Writing. And a big one for me was painting and drawing. I had a very strong belief I was not creative but I am pleasantly surprised to find I am!

I love walks along the beach (this sounds like a dating show, but it’s true) and twilight (the time of day not the movie…although I did like the movie and I’m a big Edward fan!)

My life is all about the difference that I can make, with the people that I meet every day - Simple, but so great!


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