Name: Anita Kilkenny
Location: Mordialloc, Melbourne

The Holistic VA




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Businessmums' Club Members - Mordialloc

Bloom Networking 

Travel Managers - Personal Travel Management of all your holiday and business travel needs. Specialist in family and private, group travel, I come to you when & where it suits you, to organise and manage your perfect travel needs.

Inspired Fitness Solutions - Group outdoor personal training & wholefood nutrition.

Maybury Ink - A range of creative and communication services including graphic design, branding, strategic communication, professional writing and photography.

Kidtown Melbourne - Freelance writer specialising in writing articles dedicated to entertainment for kids in Melbourne/VIC.

Webby Web Design - Meirav, owner of Webby Web offers web design, development and strategy solutions for businesses from a diverse range of industries. Custom websites / Squarespace / Shopify / mail chimp (design & training) / pop up websites.