Motivating Mum is looking for Associates - to run Clubs for mums in business in your area

Are you a friendly, organised, motivated mum who wants nothing more than to help other mums succeed in achieving their dreams? You could be a Motivating Mum associate.

What’s involved?

Being a wonderful Motivating Mum associate involves organising and hosting one or more monthly Businessmums' Clubs in your area, following templates designed and tested by Motivating Mum in Australia.

The Clubs consist of a max 12 - 14 members who join for a six month membership period (and can then renew after that) and reap the benefits of meeting regularly - gorgeous support, development of close relationships, great tips & advice and business growth.

You do not need to be a business guru to run a Club, you are simply the host who brings everyone together and manages the session. The way they work is that everyone brings their unique skills, experiences and nowledge to the group and helps each other. 

business networking

If you decide to sign on as an Associate you will receive training and ongoing support & advice from Alli, founder of Motivating Mum.  Running the events monthly also means plenty of additional benefits including:

  1. Picking up loads of great business tips and advice in every session
  2. Developing a hugely supportive network
  3. Money in your pocket
  4. Feeling great because you’re helping people
  5. And, if you run a business, exposure to potential clients or referrers

Like to know more? Email Tashia and I’ll send you a proposal along with features, benefits and costings to see if being a Motivating Mum is for you.

“When I started my business in 2010 after the birth of my first child, I immediately missed the social aspect of working in an office, being able to have a chat and laugh while getting the job done. When I heard about the Motivating Mum  Businessmums’ Clubs I loved the sound of a monthly catch up with a group of like-minded business owners that would not only be social but help me build my business at the same time.

As there were no Sydney Clubs I thought, why not become a Motivating Mum associate? Since starting, I have enjoyed every meeting and come away each time feeling motivated and committed - the difference with Businessmums’ Club is each business has an opportunity to take the floor and receive motivation and advice from members.” Mary-Anne Amies, Wise Up Marketing & ex-Associate

"Motivating Mum has been a fantastic place for me to meet other mum’s (and one dad!) that also run small businesses.  There is a great sense of support and encouragement in our group and I have learned that other people struggle with similar challenges when it comes to kids and time management, and this has been reassuring.  I have also made some wonderful friends.  The accountability each month helps me to stay on task and the help from the others in the group is fantastic.  I highly recommend joining a Motivating Mum group in your area." Carolyn King, Empowerkin