What I learned from Handle Your Own PR

Written by Alli Price

I had my first Businessmums’ Networking Lunch last week and it was fab! Twenty’ish mums in business from all sectors of industry chatting, swapping tips, advising, supporting. It always warms my heart holding these lunches as it reminds me of how generous and welcoming mums are towards each other.

Businessmums Networking Lunch, Mumpreneur

Handle Your Own PR, mumpreneurThere was also a lot of great advice to be had from the delightfully fabulous lasses at Handle Your Own PR, Simone and Jules. So many in fact, that I thought I had better get them down for those of you who didn’t make the lunch:

1. PR isn’t rocket science, it’s like cutting your kids’ hair at home. It won’t always be as good as what a hairdresser does but it will get done.
2. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have media connections. If you have a great story or angle then your release will get printed as journos are always looking for good stories to print.
3. Have a great pic.
4. It also helpful to have an expert available for interview that may add to your story.
5. When writing a release think about what problem it solves for the user and pitch it from this angle.
6. Put a low res pic and the release directly into the body of the email. Make it easy for journos to access your information, don’t attach it.
7. Hire the PR company that is enthusiastic about your product! They’ll work harder on it.
8. Try small PR firms – if you’re at a large firm you may get lost amongst the big clients.
9. Follow up on your release about a week after but don’t be a stalker!
10. Best days to send are Tuesday – Thursday.
11. Don’t ring a radio producer when the show is on air!

The help doesn’t end there though, Simone and Jules are also the marketing gurus for my site so if you have any PR questions for them, pop them on my forum under the Marketing and PR section and they’ll answer your questions for free!

I’d also love to know your top marketing tips! Please share in the comments – and I hope to see you at a lunch soon,

Cheers! Alli x

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    Great post – thanks for sharing this information.

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