Vision Boards – Setting your intentions for a new year and beyond

business vision boardDo you always start the year full of renewed focus and energy, armed with great ideas and plans, but find some of these get lost somewhere as challenges arise? Or have you recently started your business and feel lost amongst your increasing to do list? Whether you’re a newbie or veteran in business, creating a vision board is a fantastic way to create a tangible display of your goals, action lists and new ideas for your business and keep you on track for the year ahead.

Create Your Vision Board 

Step 1 – Determine your values and big vision for your business

• Big vision – Your big vision is the long-term vision you have for your business. Having a visual representation of your big vision and values can act as an important reminder of why you started your business and can act as a source of motivation during challenging times.

For example, during the winter months when it feels like the whole family is sick every week with colds and your energy and attention are more focused on caring for your loved ones and less on building your business. Picture yourself as you whiz by your home office (or makeshift office in the corner of your living room!), attending to the various cries of “muuuuuum”, your hair pulled tightly back in a mumpony and your body encased in a stained t-shirt, tracksuit pants and slippers. Your dishevelled desk, a reminder of your other to do lists that go uncompleted. You feel stress and unease growing within and wonder when you will get to these lists. Suddenly, your eyes catch sight of your bright and colourful vision board and you are reminded of the passion, optimism and enthusiasm you felt when you started your business and your worries begin to fade. Your big vision is still there, waiting for you when you are ready. The personal power you connected with when you created this vision still burns brightly within your heart. Relax for now. Do what you need to do. When you are ready, your next steps toward success and completing your goals await you.

• Values – Your values form part of your Why. Why are you in business? What drives your motivation to succeed? Identifying your values, what you stand for in business and life, and why you do what you do, helps to ensure that every decision you make in your business, resonates with what you believe in. I determined by values whilst completing a coaching program and used a tool created by Dr John DeMartini. I had previously not considered what my values were in detail and found this exercise to be very useful. My values and big vision serve as a reminder of what I hold important in my life and why I put so much time and energy outside of my family responsibilities to build my business, one step at a time.

Step 2 – Create a plan of your vision board

It is important to take the time to consider what you would like on your board and map out where you would like things to go, before you begin sticking things on it.

Things you can include on your board are:

• Images: you can either use Google Images and print out images you want using a colour printer or source pictures from magazines, newspapers and travel brochures;

• Words and statements: these can be power words that resonate strongly with you and get you excited about your business;

• Affirmations, mottos, business logo, strapline and values: affirmations I created and use often are I Am Awesome, I Can Do This, Just Keep Going, I Am Already a Success. My motto is Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, inspired by the late Susan Jeffers who wrote an amazing book with this title); and

• Goals, action list and anything else you would like to work on in your business.

Step 3 – Get crafty and creative!

To create your board, you will need to source the following:

• A3 canvas board or cardboard from a stationery provider;

• Coloured markers, pencils and/or crayons;

• Glue or sticky tape; and

• Craft supplies to make your board look pretty such as, stickers, glitter, small coloured feathers, bows – whatever materials you would like to make your board look bright and colourful.

My Business Board

To give you some ideas for your board, I thought I’d share my own business board I created last year. For this board I decided to use a mixture of what I have described in step 2 above. The statement in the middle forms the basis of my big vision – a wellness centre, offering a variety of healing therapies and a safe and supportive space where likeminded souls can gather to discover and connect with their inner light.

business vision board

The action plan I created last year extends into this year. I have left space at the bottom of the action list for new actions to be added to the list, as new therapies arise on my radar that capture my interest. At the end of the year, I will be able to determine what actions I have achieved and what needs to be rolled over into the following year. Having my action plan on my board ensures great ideas don’t get lost in the rush of thoughts that flood my mummy brain every day. My board also includes my values and the affirmations, mottos and power words I discussed above. I have displayed my board in my bedroom and look at it every day whilst getting dressed. I love my board, because it helped me convert scattered thoughts of my big vision into an achievable action plan, I can work on at my own pace.

Life Boards

A vision board doesn’t just have to be used for business. It can also be used for any areas of your life you wish to enact changes in. I created my first vision board during an intuitive development course in early 2012. At the time, I chose to focus on family, spiritual development, travel and my dream home. These areas were represented on my board in 4 sections with images and some words.

The skies are the limit when it comes to creating a board that is meaningful to you and what you want to manifest in your life. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Do what resonates with you. When the time feels right, connect with your intuition, unleash your creativity and have fun!

business vision board


Like Minded Souls Natural Therapies, offers mobile massage, Reiki healing and intuitive readings across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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