Should you be starting a business?

So, you’ve come up with this amazing business idea and you’re excited, aren’t you?

So excited that you’re up at night, firing off ideas, talking way faster than you usually do and madly registering business and domain names in an all systems go, ‘look no hands!’, kinda way.

But this is where I say whoaaaaaaa! Hold on. Take a second. Breathe. And watch this very short video on ‘Should you be starting a business?’

Cheers! Alli x (p.s. I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments).

And huge thanks to Warren of Volare Photography for being my fab video guy!

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5 Responses to Should you be starting a business?

  1. Elna Cain says:


    What a great blog you have! I’m a new WAHM and I started a freelance writing businesses almost a year ago.

    I have twin toddlers to take care of so starting my business took a lot of work, so I can relate to putting in the work and being your own boss.

    While I only work part time, I have a system in place and am working towards a goal of having a sustainable income. So far, it’s working out!

    Thanks for the short video and I’ll be sure to check out your blog more!

  2. Robyn says:

    You are always so on the money – especially when it comes to hubbies mine still claims to be my worst critic. Nowadays he flips out over all the doors that keep opening for me. In saying that it has taken a lot of hours and even sacrifices to get to where I am four years down the track. Thanks for keeping it real. Also where do I subscribe?

  3. Emma says:

    Alli! Been motivating me since 2002! “It’s ok to say no and not feel bad about it!” I still have that written down in my purse. Great video, Love!

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