How to keep on top of your housework

Time is of the essence when you’re a busy Mum running your own business, trying to keep an organised household and the family happy!  I have found a way that has helped me tremendously with keeping the house as organised as possible (with three young children running around) and it doesn’t take hours to do it – well not all at once anyway.  It can get done quickly while the children are occupied and you’ll feel that you’ve achieved something, because you haven’t planned to get EVERYTHING done at once.

how to keep on top of your housework

The Plan!

I have created a weekly planner for myself, which includes all of the regular family activities, such as school and kinder drop offs, as well as the kid’s activities.  Then there’s the business stuff, which is segmented into different categories and then the housework.  I have everything colour coded so it’s easier to read at a glance, and it looks much nicer too!

For example:

•    Monday’s – Clean  bathrooms/toilets and wash the towels
•    Tuesday’s – Vacuum and mop
•    Wednesday’s – Washing & ironing
•    Thursday’s – Dust
•    Friday’s – Washing & ironing, wash bed linen
•    Saturday’s – Quick vacuum in main living areas

It breaks down the housework into nice “chunks” of time, so you’re not spending hours doing it in one hit.  It doesn’t feel that bad when it’s broken down in these timeframes, and I find that it actually gets done and the house is cleaner.  Obviously there’s still the general tidy up each day, along with the dishes, but I find that it’s a bit more manageable.  When you’re trying to run a business, and maintain a house, it’s best to be to keep on top of your housework

What tips do you have to keep on top of your housework?

Cheers! Barb Scott

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2 Responses to How to keep on top of your housework

  1. john says:

    For getting successful in any mission we need a proper schedule & it must be followed strictly.Very nice article,the given schedule and tricks are very helpful.Thank you very much for posting!

  2. My dishwasher is a Godsend but with just myself and one daughter for the most part, it only goes on every couple of days and I have enough dishes, cutlery etc to go the distance.

    I like your suggestions a lot. I would probably opt for fully cleaning one room each day, rather than doing certain chores on each day. I definitely love seeing a clear kitchen bench so it’s worth staying up a tad later to tidy.

    Cheers and Thanks.


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