Car signage for business

Written by Alli Price

I have been thinking a long time about getting car signage for my business. It took me a long time to decide as I was always going back and forth between the negatives and positives.

car signage for business

The negatives being that I couldn’t stop envisaging getting hate emails from someone after I cut them off on the road somewhere and I would have to stop all bad habits in the car i.e. picking my nose and squeezing pimples in the mirror at traffic lights.

However, every time I thought I’d made the decision not to go ahead, the positives would rear their head; a one-off payment for round-the-clock advertising (advertising that couldn’t be ignored as people were parked right behind it) what’s not to like?!

So I took the plunge and got it – and I love it. It looks crisp, clean and professional (get a proper designer to do it so it looks that good) and, if you can, get more than a magnetic sign on your door from Vista Print. (I don’t know about you but every time I see one that’s a little old or stuck on crooked, it just doesn’t do the brand justice.)

And how has it worked? Well, the other day I had a mum pull up next to me asking about the biz – so that was fab! But it’s not about on-the-spot sales but about brand awareness and I drive my car everywhere.

And the negatives? Well, not what you would imagine. It hasn’t been too hard resisting the nose or the pimples but the signage isn’t exactly ideal for driving conditions. This is what it looks like from the inside (thankfully, you get used to it pretty quickly):

car signage for business

However, as I have a fairly flat rear window and no windscreen wiper on it, when it rains it pretty much sits in the signage and I have no vision whatsoever.  I have become very adept at driving with my side mirrors!

car signage for business

So keep an eye out for me on the streets – and apologies in advance if I cut you off!

Cheers, Alli x

p.s. I’d love to know if you have signage, why you got it and how you feel it works for you


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9 Responses to Car signage for business

  1. frank says:

    Hello Alli
    the great suggestion i have found ever on actually useful
    yeah i have been thinking over it really useful
    thanks for sharing

  2. Andy Murray says:

    Great idea. Thanks for this tip. :)

  3. mikal shone says:

    wow , yo gave me a cool idea to promte the business well, as the vehicle are driven to one road to an other carrying my advertisement along with this.

  4. Tracey {Melbourne Mamma} says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting one but don’t think my husband would want to drive around in a car that says “Shopaholic” LOL

  5. It does look great Alli. I am about to get mine done and have been advised to get a laminate film over the top, apparently it stops the holes filling with water, protects the print and you can still use a wiper. Any thoughts on the average cost, I am quoted $340.00 for the rear windscreen on my 4wd.

  6. Here did you get it done? I’ve been considering it for a while but like so many things it hasn’t been actioned. This was a good reminder. Hope it helps you spread the motivating mum word!

  7. Hi Alli
    Brilliant. It looks fantastic and is going to provide you with countless advertising & PR moments…I just love the fact that a Mum asked you about your business when pulled up alongside.
    Of course there are great tax deductible benefits too. Getting a sign for your car is advertising and therefore tax deductible, as is all the mileage you do.
    The only other factor which is a negative positive is that you’ll need to keep your car nice and clean…but that’s a great way for your daughters to earn some pocket money! Or if you visit the carwash, keep the receipts for tax.
    Sarah x

  8. Maryanne says:

    If you get one way vision like you have, I recommend getting it laminated with a optically clear laminate, this avoids the problem you have with the water filling the holes. Any good signwriter will be able to do this. It also protects the print if you have a wiper and forget you can’t use it with the print,

  9. Robyn Amott says:

    I’ve had car signage on my car now for about 6 months. It’s nothing fancy just a vinyl logo and contact number mostly. I’ve had many enquiries to find out about my organising services, which is great. Using this kind of signage means I can’t take my car through a car wash, but that’s OK as I usually wash my car by hand anyway. One thing I do love about having my company on my car is that it makes me more aware of being polite on the roads.

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