How to add something special to your thank you cards

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Now you want to show your appreciation through a thank you card, but you’re desperate to give it that little extra something. What are your options?With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to think about how to show appreciation to your clients. Whether it is a client who you have a formed a friendship with or want to extend thanks to someone for being a loyal customer throughout the year and the perfect way to say thank you is with a card.


It’s very easy to create your own design, pictures, logos and messages through the many apps and programs available, before either printing out the job yourself or sending the whole package to a professional company.

Choose your own colours, pictures, and even envelopes, and make sure you include the date of the event; most of your guests will keep the card and will want to put it into context when they look back at your card in years to come.

There’s a potential balancing act between how much you personalise it individually for the person you’re sending it to, and the costs in terms of cash and time. At the very least a handwritten letter insert is mandatory, showing that you’ve taken note of the effort taken.

If you have an artistic skill, use it. Caricatures, little scribbles and doodles that will mean something to the recipient could all work, either produced on a tablet or PC or created using a noble pen and paper. Photographs and pictures are also striking and beautiful ways to present a card, on the front or inside.

Take a look at the selection of thank you cards here, and note that the photograph often precludes the need for many words; a simple photograph of a newborn baby, or someone clutching a balloon in the shape of a ‘40’ really speaks for itself.

There’s still something a little bit suspicious about e-cards for events such as weddings or special birthdays; they just seem colder and less personal than the physical act of creating a token of thanks.

Humour is an understated gift, and one that can be soft and kindly or fairly brutal. Basketball legend Michael Jordan sent some piercingly sharp but still funny messages to fellow all-timers following his birthday earlier this year, showing that he’d thoughtfully put pen to paper on their various weaknesses.

There are plenty of other reasons for giving a thank you card. At the end of the year it’s always a lovely gesture to pass on your appreciation for people who might have helped you over the previous 12 months.

How about that courier, who has promptly delivered packages and gifts to your home on countless occasions? Or your postie, who has never anything less than 100% cheerful when safely delivering important business mail through your door?

If you’ve attended a particularly motivating seminar, you could send the speaker a card to note their efforts – that will really strike a chord, and could also help to form the start of a working relationship with that person in the future. Likewise, if you’ve chaired a workshop or a brainstorming session with other professionals, send a thank you card instead of a cold email. The business world can be fast-paced and efficient, but there’s still a place for the human touch and some personalisation.

Thank you cards are also a powerful way to not only promote your own business – it’s a strong form of marketing which is often overlooked – but also to show your customers that you appreciate their support.

Ultimately the thank you card is what you make it, and as long as you’ve taken some effort to send something to be appreciated, your work is done.

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