Thank you so much for enquiring about joining a Bloom Networking Branch or Motivating Mum Businessmums' Club - I hope we can get you along to one soon x

To register your interest, simply complete the form below making sure to fill out as much information as possible. If unsure on some of the fields, I have explained them below.

The Industry and Niche fields are required for Motivating Mum information as we offer Industry Exclusivity in the groups due to the sensitive nature of brainstorming. Brainstorm sessions are offered to every member to ensure they get specific help for their specific problems/challenges.

Your Business Description is a little information on what you do. Please keep it short and succinct!

The section asking for Your Ideal Clientele/Supplier Referrals is letting the group know who you would love sent your way - client and supplier-wise.

If you have any queries, please contact me here.

Cheers! Tashia x

PS. Please note, if you are completing this form on a phone or tablet, turn it to landscape for easier completion.

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