Julie Allen is a website creator/designer who has over 15 years' experience working with small business. She has a passion for people, business, and finding solutions. When you engage Julie to get your website up and running, you're also getting a cheerleader for your brand, a promoter to help you put your ideas into action and a small business owner who knows what it feels like to build a business from scratch. Julie will create an affordable and effective website that talks to your customers with your personality behind it. Her business Biz yourself, is about creating websites that are easy to navigate and training is also provided so you can make your own changes without having to spend huge dollars with a developer. Alternatively, Julie can make the changes for you and maintain your website.

To promote a website successfully you need various elements working for you. The key elements consist of; search engine optimisation (so they can find you), content marketing (relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience), social media interaction (talk to your facebook, Instagram & twitter accounts), conversion rate optimisation (process of improving your website to drive visitors towards desired actions — actions such as buying a product) and website usability. It is about making sure choices are in a clear and concise way and the placement of important items are in appropriate areas. Julie provides various support services to help you with all of this including web content writing, website conversion, email marketing and small business mentoring.

Julie's favourite part of each project is getting to know her clients and their businesses. She wants to help as many people as she can to connect, grow and achieve in their biz!

To connect with Julie and find out how she can help you with your website creation:

Phone 0416 264 287