It's tough being a mumpreneur or WAHM, particularly when in start up mode, as everything is just so expensive. Pay for one supplier or service and you usually can't afford anything else until pay day rolls around again...whenever that is!

Following are services supplied by Motivating Mum, affordable enough that they won't break the bank:

Press Release Writing Service:

Brainstorm the angle, media targeted and key message (if required) to provide a one-page press release. Price includes 2 x edits (please note an edit is not a rewrite):

$160 plus GST for start up/small biz

$210 plus GST ($80 000 - $110 000 turnover)

$350 plus GST ($110 00+ turnover and councils)

press release writing, media contact service

Thank you Alli for writing such a fabulous press release and helping me spread word about my business. You really captured the message I wanted to send and the response so far has been terrific.

It was so exciting to see my business featured in a newspaper for the first time. I’ve since appeared in a magazine, two business websites and there’s a few more things in the works.

Definitely money well spent.

Tracey Cotroneo, Melbourne Mamma & Mumpreneur

Media Contact Service:

Identify press & media, send through press release and follow up

$75 an hour plus GST for start up/small biz

$100 an hour plus GST ($80 000 - $110 000 turnover)

$150 an hour plus GST ($110 000+ turnover and councils)

Retail Contact Service:

Don't feel confident approaching retailers?

Don't have the time to make sales calls?

At Motivating Mum we can research appropriate retailers to target, contact them on your behalf, send them your paperwork, visit with your product (if in Melbs/Sydney) and follow up. We can work on an hourly basis or per retailer contact.

$45 an hour plus GST for start up/small biz

$55 plus GST for corporate ($80 000 turnover+)

Social Media Scheduling:

No time to manage your social media? Don't know what to say?

At Motivating Mum we can manage your pages, feeds, boards and more!

$45 an hour plus GST for start up/small biz

$55 an hour plus GST for ($80 000 - $110 000 turnover)

$77 an hour plus GST for corporate ($110 000 turnover+ and councils)

Blog Management:

If you have no time to give your blog the love it deserves or aren't using it correctly to optimise for SEO - we can help you.

At Motivating Mum we can write appropriate and optimised blogs for you, source guest blogs, upload them to your site and shout about them on social media - or we can do just one of these jobs for you while you do the rest!

$45 an hour plus GST for start up/small biz

$55 an hour plus GST ($80 000 - $110 000 turnover)

$77 plus GST an hour ($110 000 turnover+ and councils)

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