Name: Robyn Amott
Location: Mordialloc, Melbourne

Bless This Mess


For me joining Motivating Mum's Biz mum group as a start-up business (almost five years ago), I knew I had found that something that was missing in my business. As a stay at home Mum working from home with two young girls, it was extremely isolating. I'd registered the business name, done all the website stuff now I just needed to get the name out there – with little to no budget! I felt stuck.............and there was no way I was going to let all my hard work go down the drain. I'd been working my entire life to get to this very point in my life. But to be honest I was feeling frustrated. How was it over 33% of women where kicking goals as Mumpreneurs, where I felt I wasn't. 

I wanted to grow, learn, achieve and succeed. However, sitting at home alone with only the computer as my sounding board, two kids and a husband who had no understanding of my business, technology, social media, marketing, sales etc. - was not going to help me get in touch with my target market. I knew there had to be an easier way and others out there who were going through the same feelings and emotions and even already had some of the answers.

I was so relieved that one of my business flyers caught the eye of Alli Price. I joined Motivating Mum's in Mordialloc very soon after and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did for my business.

Being in the same room with like minded start-ups & already established business women and hearing their stories and sharing in the same challenges was a breath of fresh air. I no longer felt alone and the veil of frustration was now a feeling from the past.. not to say I don't still self doubt etc. but at least I am no longer alone. My business would not be what it is today without the support of Alli and all the amazing Biz Mum women I've met along the way who believed in and supported my dream. I believe I too have played some small part in their success as well.

I believe that in my role as host for the Mordialloc Biz Mums Group I too can assist other Mum's on their journey to build, establish, nurture and grow their business. Kick their goals and grow within their own personal abilities that they themselves may not even know they have within them. More so it's that you don't have to do it alone!!

A little about me and where I come from:

To all who know me I've always been the 'go to girl', the one with all the resources and solutions. The volunteer assisting the not so lucky. One of those girls who like to help fix a problem and make life easier of less stressful for everyone. 

I am also a natural born organiser and have spent my life and career growing and nurturing these skills.

My main career portfolio covers varied administration roles. The most significant roles of my career were with Coogi Australia as Sales Manager PA and then with Mitch Dowd Design as a Product Analyst. I won't bore you with all my skills etc. However I will say that both these roles certainly established my skill base and understanding of how a business and it's varied divisions run to ensure sales and profitability.

I was never going to be the full time Stay at Home Mum! I planned to be back at work within six months. Introduce daughter number two in the mix. However I always knew there was more to ME than just being a Mum and housewife. I'm surprised I lasted three years, give or take, as a SAHM. By which time I most certainly had itchy feet and had already been doing my research on how to establish a new business.

So when my desire to begin my own business began to bubble away it seemed only natural to use all my skills for good and not evil. Hence Bless this Mess Professional Organising was born.

The business and my services encompass everything I am and love to do as an individual and that inner desire in me to share my knowledge and skills for the benefit of others. As a business owner my aim is to provide a true service to all my clients and to grow my business on the reputation that follows that.

I believe that life is for learning and believe me there is not a single person I come across that doesn't make me stop, think and sometimes even reassess my own thinking, and what better way to learn than with those who too are learning along with you.

So with this in mind my main objective within my business is to educate and pass on my skills & knowledge onto others and relieve them of the stresses of the modern day world and over consumerism. To educate them on how to put themselves back into the driver seat of their lives. Be it within the business sector or private residents. For this generation and those who follow behind them.

I hope I never stop learning as an individual as well as a business owner.

So that's where Biz Mum groups are fabulous they're your sounding board, a place to learn and grow, the voice of reason, your consumer, your best and worst critic and most of all your biggest cheer squad. You even get to ask what you think might be a 'dumb question' and nobody will laugh at you... because basically no question is ever dumb.

So the way I see it what have you got to lose? Come along and see what we are all about. You and your business deserve it! You'll also make some amazing new friends along the way. 

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