One day your business went from being a hobby, a part-time enterprise or just ticking along to a serious contender in the world of business. Unfortunately, the opportunities for learning and business development haven't kept up - and you find it hard to gain education at that next level of business.

This is where Master Mums steps in, with:

  • access to amazing experts that you share between just 8 (max) of you,
  • talking on unique issues affecting growing, more successful businesses,
  • engaging with a like-minded group of women, and 
  • accountability, brainstorming & information sessions run consistenly throughout the year to ensure growth.

How does it work?

Every three weeks, over a 10 month period you will get a two-hour brainstorm and accountability session designed to:

  1. keep you on track for achieving to goals,
  2. help you set new ones as you succeed,
  3. provide a safe and supportive space to share your troubles and difficulties, and 
  4. make sure you grow.

Four of these sessions throughout the year will also include a guest mentor, another member of Alli's brains trust, to ask insightful questions and provide an objective viewpoint.

Video conference calls will be on Fridays with the dates listed below, starting at 10am Melb time with a maximum of 8 members online (all can be seen and heard). Alli Price, founder of Motivating Mum, and business-owner and mentor for 11 years, to host.

Master Mums 2018 

Feb 23 with Karen Gunton of Lighthouse Revolution

karen gunton is a business alchemist and badass rule-breaker who never uses capitals. she is passionate about helping women in biz hone in on their purpose and shine their light in this world. she started the lighthouse revolution as a call to action for entrepreneurs to not just build a business build a lighthouse instead... to start from within, to ignite their light, and to build everything else around it.

March 23

April 27

May 11 with with Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery

Julia Bickerstaff is the founder of The Business Bakery, a school and a community helping people make a Healthy Income from their handmade, home based or other intentionally small businesses. Julia appears regularly on TV as the finance expert on Channel 7s Kochie’s Business Builders and the small business expert on ABCNews 24’s Finance Quarter. She also writes for a number of publications including Smartcompany, Startup Smart, and Flying Solo and is the author of the best-selling book “How to Bake a Business”.

June 1 & 22

July 20 with with Fran Pratt, KISS to Sell

Fran runs a sales consulting business for mid-sized businesses and KISS To Sell for micro and small business, with a special passion for helping women succeed. She has lots of experience that she loves to share across a wide range of businesses from corporate to SME, from mass marketing to network marketing, rural and urban. She loves business and teaching people how to sell –especially those who hate it. Good selling is about thinking and acting in a way that helps people buy from you.

August 10 & 31

Sept 21 with guest mentor TBC

Oct 12

Nov 2 & 23

About Alli, the host

I have been running Motivating Mum since 2006 and that means that I have years and years of experience listening to, working with, and helping hundreds of mums; mums from all Industries and at all levels of business. I also have the same number of years experience launching and building my own business!

As a mentor, you will find me to be extremely non-judgemental, helpful, supportive, insightful, creative and fun! I understand the unique challenges of being a mumpreneur as I live it also. Every day.

I excel in marketing, branding, social media, time management, personal coaching including building confidence, managing guilt etc. I am also excellent at keeping women on track, holding them accountable and seeing the big picture.

“Alli has been instrumental in the growth of my business. As a mentor/coach she always knows just how to inspire me and where the next step is for my business and myself personally.
She has a wealth of knowledge and as a Mum herself gets where her clients are coming from. Alli is extremely supportive, inspirational and empowering to all who come into contact with her. Her sometimes out of the box approach and quirky personality makes her an absolute delight to be in the presence of.” Robyn Amott, Bless this Mess

Should you be a Master Mum?

You really should be involved in Master Mums if you want:

  • To move your business forward in a huge way
  • To be connected to like-minded women at a similar level in business
  • To be able to pick the brains of amazing biz women/speakers and get specific advice for your challenges/queries
  • To be able to tick off your business and personal goals at the end of the year

To ensure businesses are all of a higher level they must:

  • Have been in business at least 3 years and/or a minimum turnover of $40 000 (although I am happy to consider businesses that come close)
  • Be committed to making their business a success
  • Have the time and energy to not only commit to making the sessions but implementing what you have learned

Master Mums is only open to 8 women max. 


Commitment is for the 10 months and cost of Master Mums will be $1716 inc GST. This can be paid as a DD of $171.60 for 10 months

OR, pay in full $1551 inc GST and save $165 for the year.

Contact Alli for more info or to book your place - currently only 3 places left.