Why Mentoring?

Guest post for Mummy Mentoring Month by Nicky Arthur, Happier Mums

Nicky Arthur, Happier MumsLearning from likeminded people will help you on your way to success and happiness.

There are two common ways to learn. We can use the slow and imprecise method of trial and error, or we can expedite the process, and inevitably get a better outcome, by learning from the experts and utilising the skills and knowledge of a mentor.

A mentor is simply someone who has been there and done it. They have the experience, the desire and the ability to help you reach your goals in a time efficient and productive manner.

Often your mentor is right in front of you. When you have clarity on what it is you want to achieve the right people show up. The key is to recognise the opportunity and then be courageous enough to ask for help. Even better ask them to be your mentor!

Make sure you choose your mentor wisely. Are they successful and happy? Do they walk their walk? Is their business or field of expertise the right fit for you and your work?

You will find most affluent, happy and successful people love to help and mentor others. Learn and absorb as much as you can from your mentor’s experience. Their wealth of knowledge will teach you valuable lessons on your journey. You will still have to do the work and make your own mistakes. There are no short cuts to success but having a mentor will keep you focused and guide you along the way.

When you have reached your goals and become a master of your profession, you may be asked to mentor others. This creates the ebb and flow effect, giving and receiving. I personally believe this is one of the important traits of being happy and successful. We are here to live, to learn and to give back to others.

Nicky Arthur is an author, workshop presenter, motivational speaker and yoga teacher.
Author of ‘How to be a Happier Mum’, a book based on her personal journey as a mother, Nicky is also a regular blogger and newspaper and magazine contributor.

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  2. Kelly B says:

    Wise words. Thank you.

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