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Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

I recently had the honour of testing the Life Balance Magnets from the Mothers Toolkit. When I first got them I thought they looked pretty and the idea was interesting. I wasn’t really sold on it but I popped them up onto the fridge to try them out.

work life balance

My fridge door was cluttered so I cleared out the space needed for the board and the separate pieces, which represent ‘personal’, ‘romance’, ‘career’, ‘money’, ‘leisure’, ‘family’ and ‘homelife’. I had my doubts that I’d be able to put a magnet across on to each space before the week was up! Career, yes! Easy! Homelife, yes! I’d just done a whole lot of re-jigging of furniture and we were feeling comfortable in our home. Family – of course! But the others? Personal? Not so sure.

Anyway, the magnets were at eye level so I saw them every time I visited the fridge and I became more and more aware of what life areas I was spending time in. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and it was easier to improve than I thought. The reminder was more powerful than I’d expected.

I really like these magnets. In a pretty and simple way they remind me to focus on the different areas of my life, just for a little while each week. There isn’t a huge pressure – 1 hour per section is easy enough. I’m definitely going to keep using them and would recommend them for anyone who is juggling quite a few things and not sure whether they are balancing things out or not.

A little more on Kerry Townsend, Mothers Toolkit:

Work life balance tips, tools & techniques for mothers. Offering support for mums via books, eBooks, products and resources, helping manage time effectively to achieve work life balance and create the life you want.

Life Balance Magnets’ are a must for any Mum! These amazing magnets are a powerful visual tool to put on your fridge to help mums achieve life balance every week, with little effort. Life Balance Magnets create a huge positive impact by ensuring you make some time every week for all the areas of your life: Personal, Romance, Family, Homelife, Leisure, Money and Career.

work life balanceReviewed by Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours:

Rosie Shilo is the brainchild behind the popular Virtual Assistant Network, Virtually Yours. Virtually Yours provides support, networking and training to Virtual Assistants and connects prospective clients to awesome VAs.

The giveaway:

For your chance to win one of three sets of ‘Life Balance Magnets’, valued at $24.95, simply comment on the following question by this Friday 23 August 2013.

What areas in your life do you think you need to spend more time focussing on?



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14 Responses to Visual Tools for work life balance

  1. S Armstrong says:

    Budgeting – I just don’t have one.

  2. Narelle Rock says:

    I need to focus on the family I have a good relationship and stop spending so much time worrying about the ones that I don’t see or hear from.

  3. andreea cameron says:

    Desperately need some me time, with work and kids and uni and dogs, i have none

  4. Chloe B says:

    I need to focus on just having fun and stop making mountains out of molehills

  5. Stacey says:

    I need to focus on my health, fitness and diet, and start realising that no matter how successful my business is, by neglecting my health I am not doing anyone any favours.

  6. Kevin Kelly says:

    Only on my wife, getting her away on a cruise is my next objective

  7. kelly walter says:

    I feel I need to focus on myself and not to stress out so much about everything.

  8. Di says:

    Myself, I’m severely neglecting my need for me time. Time for me to be me, not someones wife, mother, cook, cleaner, physician, dog walker, gardener, ironing lady, and so on, the list is endless.

  9. Marleisa says:

    I really need to work on having a weekly planned dinner menu! Last week we ate takeout 3 times as I had nothing planned for dinner, therefore I had no motivation to cook anything!

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