Top 5 Benefits of Xero – Accounting Software in the Cloud!

Xero cloud based accounting softwareI recently had the pleasure of learning all about Xero from the lovely Jennifar Hathaway from JLH Bookkeeping. I had heard a lot of good things about Xero, and was keen to find out more about it, and whether or not it would be right for my business.

I was blown away by Jen’s presentation, Xero seemed to have so many benefits. Here I’ve picked the top 5 benefits of Xero:

1. Automated daily bank feeds

You can set up a bank feed to automatically import bank statements into Xero. This saves you having to manually import them yourself.

2. Available anytime you’re online, from anywhere

Because it is in the cloud, you can work where you want, when you want, and have as many users as you like for not extra cost!

3. Invoicing

I currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track all my incomings and expenses, and then create invoices in a Word document. This is quite a clunky way of doing it, and as my business grows, it will be even harder to ensure errors are not made. With Xero, invoicing is not only customised to your business, it is fast and simple. At just a few clicks you can create an invoice for a client and email it to them, you can even see when they open it, so now more “I never received the invoice” excuses!

4. No installation or IT maintenance

As Xero is in the cloud, you don’t have to install software onto your PC, or have enough licenses for every user. You simply set up your username and password, and you are ready to go! This means you can be adding information which can also be accessed by your bookkeeper or accountant from their PC.

5. Dashboard gives a clear financial overview

The dashboard allows you to easily see how much money is coming in and going out.

There are so many more benefits that I could mention, but if I can just mention one more, they give you a FREE trial, so you really have nothing to lose!

What is your worst accounting nightmare?


xero cloud based accounting softwareSam McFarlane recently set up Sam Says, a Virtual Assistant business assisting other work at home mums and small businesses with administrative, marketing, events coordination and social media tasks. Sam Says also does the Marketing and some guest blogs for Motivating Mum.


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7 Responses to Top 5 Benefits of Xero – Accounting Software in the Cloud!

  1. noor says:

    Cloud accounting is growing faster and faster, and I can see why!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for being sharing such an important information. I would like to add more.

    Xero (accounting software) is in high need nowadays among accountants and bookkeepers, as client’s information can be easily obtained at any time and location.

    Xero has the ability to easily combine third party add-ons to increase system functionality.

    Christopher Jones

  3. The days of the office runner passing information from desk to desk are certainly over; the speed that business software can perform the same tasks has completely usurped the runner’s position. As with much in the modern world, rapidity and efficiency are paramount.

  4. Jacklincy says:

    Great helpful article… You have clearly explained about Accounting Software in the Cloud. Your article has clearly my doubts

  5. Ian Horn says:

    Ya, this is such a lovely and informative post. I did not have much idea about benefits of using Xero. But after going through your blog I genuinely earned lot about Xero. Simple I can say that it is a cloud based system that means it can be accessed from any where over any time. It means someone does not have to worry about files being email back and forth. It also allows a business owner to create, send and automate customized, professional looking invoices. It also provides a high level of security having automatic back up facility.

  6. McKenzie says:

    I think that the fact it does personal invoicing is pretty great. Cloud accounting is growing faster and faster, and I can see why!

  7. Alice says:

    I always faced problem in IT maintenance and invoicing.Thanks for the post i found such a great software due to which all my problems in managing accounts are solved.Expecting such posts in future too!

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