being healthyARE YOU FIT FOR BUSINESS? As your Health is, so will your business be! Your business is an extension of who you are, if you are unhealthy, constantly fighting illness etc then the same will occur in your business. If your health is not sorted, then you can be guaranteed that there will be a part of your business that isn’t working either.

Does the thought of exercising make you cringe?

Exercising doesn’t have to mean jumping around doing crazy things like Burpees (crazy full body exercise that requires a lot of effort, and makes you sweat) or running. Exercise should be fun. If you enjoy it you will stick to it. If you enjoy dancing – get dance lessons, if you enjoy tennis – do that. If you enjoy swimming, then swim. Whatever it is that you enjoy that is moving your body, gets you away from your desk and makes you feel good, then go and do it, and do it regularly.

Being healthy and fit for business is more than just eating well and exercising. Our mental health and emotional health is just as important for us to look after. So what can you do to make sure you have a balanced approach?

Love & Honor Yourself

‘What has this got to do with being in business’ I hear you ask? We often get caught up in the daily task of being mum, running our business and looking after the family that we often forget to look after our own needs.

Taking time out for some self-love each day or at least once a week will help feel rested and will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. You will be a happier person and will be able to focus on your business tasks with renewed vigour.

Some of inexpensive ways to show self-love include;

• Shut self away for half an hour to read a book

• Soaking in the tub at the end of the day

• Meditate

• Go for a walk – 30 mins is enough to clear the head and lift your spirits.

Eat Good Nutrition 80% of The Time

Balance is key, when it comes to nutrition. Eating clean, natural foods 80% of the time will fuel your body and your brain for the daily demands of running your business.

Eat regularly, don’t skip meals! Eating regularly keeps your metabolism firing which means your body is working for you, not against you in producing energy.

Enjoy an occasional treat – allow yourself to enjoy that glass of wine at the end of the week, or that piece of dark chocolate in the evening. When we try to avoid all the ‘bad’ food, we can become obsessed with that food and eventually will binge on it. This has a negative effect on us mentally as well as physically.

Exercise for General Wellbeing

• Exercising is the quickest way to boost your mood

• Clear away any brain fog, and I often find, brings clarity for things on my mind.

• It can assist in bringing great ideas, and new direction for your business.

• Walking meetings – great way to connect and stay FIT for business

How Do I Fit It All In?

Time – is the number one excuses that I hear from many women in business when it comes to exercising and eating well. My question to them is, ‘Do you have time to be sick’? Forced time off due to illness is much harder to cope with than 30 minutes of exercise, 3 – 4 times a week to focus on being fit for business. So how do you fit it in?

Plan it – at the beginning of the week, schedule in all your appointments, kids activities, network meetings etc. then schedule in your exercise time. Select a time you know you can stick to and make it a non-negotiable appointment with yourself.

Be prepared – if eating on the run, or leaving your food to chance each day lets your health efforts down, pack your lunch when you’re doing the kids lunches in the morning. Set a lunch box out for yourself and save yourself time but doing it all at once. You then have a quick easy to grab lunch and snacks ready to do during the day.

Cook up a storm - If you enjoy cooking, set aside an afternoon on the weekend and cook up a few meals that you can freeze ready for your busy week ahead. Or, if you hate to cook, take advantage of the many easy pre-prepared meals that you will find at the supermarket. There is a heap of choice that is fresh, healthy and already for you to just cook and serve.

Being Fit For Business will help reduce your stress, improve your sleep and increase your productivity.


fit for businessTina Horwood, Body FIT Melbourne

Tina Horwood is a mum of two, Speaker, Facilitator of change and Personal trainer @ Body FIT Melbourne. She is on a mission to help busy women create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family. As a self-confessed lover of weight training, Tina helps women to shift their focus from being skinny to being strong.

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guilt of sellingDon’t you love the negative beliefs that cloud our mind in a sales appointment “I don’t want to pressure them into it”, “I don’t want to be pushy” or my favourite “I am just not that kind of person that hard sells”. I am sure I am sharing nothing new with you here, but in business it is absolutely necessary that you sell yourself to your full potential. All the heart, inspiration and soul that went into building your product deserves to be communicated with the same amount of heart, inspiration and soul!

However guilt is a normal emotion to feel, whenever you go for the close. Society has conditioned us to believe that sales, persuasion or pressure is purely negative for people to experience. The reality is that if people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk lacked the ability to sell then innovative products that have disrupted markets wouldn’t exist. It’s important to consciously know what are the benefits to your customer when you sell your products, ask for the money or close the deal. I have found by taking this approach that I discovered in order to truly make an impact on someone’s life it is my duty to close them on the value I created, which is my business.

After all, businesses wouldn’t exist if customers didn’t have a problem that didn’t need solving. That statement alone is why you have permission to sell, close and negotiate like you truly mean it.

If you’re struggling to make sales because feelings of guilt is getting in the way, follow and implement the exercises below:

Steps to breaking through the guilt of sales:

1. Get very specific on what you’re feeling guilty about

Far too often I get asked how to break-through the guilt of selling and my first response is “its not the guilt of selling, it’s the guilt of something in your sales process”. For example, some people may feel guilty about asking for money, others may feel guilty in handling objections or possibly in asking hard questions. Without specificity in what is causing this guilt, you’ll forever be guessing and wondering why this continues to hold you back.

2. What are the benefits of performing this action?

Now that you have defined what you’re guilty about, list all the benefits that your customers will gain by you performing this action. I know this sounds unusual but trust me with this, it works!! I out of anyone I know feared taking money from others. I used to stutter, stumble and apologise for closing and it held my progression back in a major way. However after performing this exercise within a month’s time I was first on the sales board and my ability to influence people had sky rocketed. Push your mind to do the same and you’ll dissolve the guilt in your mind and body (yes there is a physical release too!).

3. What are the negatives of not performing this action?

Now list all the negatives to your customer if you don’t perform this action you feel guilty of. For example what are the negatives of NOT closing? What are the negatives of NOT asking for money? This is incredibly powerful as it dissolves the other side to a polarised belief that has been dictating your behaviour in sales. Take your ability to this level and you will never hold yourself back in sales again!

In summary, every entrepreneur, solopreneur, influence, coach must sell and close people on ideas and offerings. The way you move past the guilt of doing this is:

- Get specific on the action you’re guilty about taking

- List the benefits to your customer when you perform this action

- List the drawbacks to your customer when you don’t perform this action

Jordan D’Urbano - Jordan D’Urbano is a sales trainer and human behaviour expert who specialises in teaching entrepreneurs how to sell not only what their company is worth, but what they are truly worth. 

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looking after yourselfRunning a business is not the same as working for someone else, it’s so much more. And some of us also work for someone else while we build our business. Life can be nuts!

In all of this I have had to develop systems to ensure that I do get some peace. Life gets busy and while we strive for our dreams we can do so at the expense of our health and wellbeing. It is SO important to make sure you take time out for your own health and get some peace regularly. And no, this does not mean that sleeping is your only “peace” time. You need to do more for yourself.

I’ve heard many people say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, but while I’m here I’m going to smash it!” While this attitude and energy can keep you going for a period of time, eventually you will burn out. The added benefit when we do take time out for ourself, is we come back to our business refreshed, and we will have access to a more creative and integrated brain, just what we need when we are running a business.

So, I’d like to share some of my tips in the hope that I can encourage you to take some time out for yourself.

Take a bath

Yes, run a warm bath, drop some essential oils in there, grab a cuppa or even a glass of wine, shut the door and relax! A great time to do this is after the kids go to sleep. I personally find this one of the most important things I do. It always helps me recalibrate, ready for the work ahead. And I always keep a notepad and pen by the bath on the off chance I get that “brilliant” idea!

Get a Massage

Take time out, spend some money and get a massage. For a truly indulgent experience invest in a massage at a day spa. My favourite is Endota as the atmosphere is so relaxing and I always come out floating on a cloud.

See a Kinesiologist

I find personally and so many times with my clients, that a kinesiologist can help you release all the accumulated stress and help you figure out what your priorities are. As each session is unique to you, no two sessions will be the same and it will be based on what YOUR needs are.


A short meditation in the morning to start your day, or one in the evening to relax you is so beneficial. Yes, it can take time to learn the technique, but once you have it is such a wonderful experience. And when you calm your mind chatter you are able to listen to your higher guidance and get that inspiration. You can grab 3 free meditations here.

Healthy Boundaries

Create some time and space at home. Diarise the times you need to spend in your business and when you need time for yourself.

Saying no

I recently found myself saying yes to every opportunity that came my way. And while this appears to look great on Facebook I almost burned myself out. Make sure you really know what to say yes to. Will the opportunity really help your business? Or are you just trying to do everything for everyone because you think it’s the right thing to do.

Create a Self-Care Plan

Create a plan that allows you to see the different aspects of your life and how you can take time out for yourself in each area. It’s a bit like a reminder of what you need to do for you. You can grab my free E-Book here if you want more information.

So there are my favourite tips for creating peace in my busy life. I hope I have given you a few ideas that you can implement in your life :)


Find peace amongst the chaosCarolyn King, EmpowerKin

My name is Carolyn and I have been a practicing Kinesiologist for over 6 years. I am passionate about teaching others how to live a happy, authentic life using kinesiology and mindfulness techniques.

My website’s are and

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Is SEO is dead? Rachel Kinscher of Visionary Group shares why SEO is dead and the new optimisation and digital strategies you can engage to increase your online presence.

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lock-143616_640This post brought to you by Choosi

How safe is your personal data in the digital world? In an era of online shopping, social media sharing and frequent internet browsing, it is a question that is vitally important to us. Research recently conducted by Choosi and CoreData found that 85.8% of Australians surveyed were concerned about online security and privacy. However, the number of people taking action to maintain their digital privacy was surprisingly low. Only just over half of respondents said they are always careful about posting personal information online that might be used for identity fraud, and a mere 22% always change their internet passwords.

These statistics are alarming, but are perhaps a reflection of how complex the issue of online security has become. It’s just so hard to keep on top of the latest threats and what we should be doing to protect ourselves against them. In the interest of making things easier, here are 7 simple online hacks to maintain your digital security.

1.      Be careful what you post

Nowadays, many of us choose to broadcast our lives across social media. We share our day to day movements, photos of our kids, and have the occasional vent. However, there are certain bits of information that we should never post online, because they can be used for identity fraud. These include our personal or work address, phone number, personal email (which is often used to access online accounts), financial information (including the name of banks at which your money is held), passwords and credit card details.

Further, you need to think carefully about details in the photos you share. A photo of your child in school uniform can reveal where they will be at school pickup time; a shot of you proudly standing in front of the ‘sold’ sign of the house you just bought may reveal your new residential address.

2.      Review your Facebook privacy settings

Have you ever clicked on the profile of a person you don’t know on Facebook, and been surprised just how many posts and photos you can access? If you share a lot of your life on Facebook, you need to check your privacy settings. Make sure only friends and family can see your ‘about’ information and photos, and don’t provide your phone number, email or home address in the about section or within any posts. Find out more about Facebook privacy here. And remember, if you access Facebook on a public computer, always log out at the end of the session.

3.      Don’t inadvertently reveal your home office address

Be careful when you list your home-based business online, as your address can generate a pin on Google Maps. Where possible, use a PO Box, your accountant’s office or generalised address like ‘Main St, Hawthorn’, and look for checkboxes that allow you to keep your address private. Also watch out for this information being automatically added to the bottom of your email newsletters by email services such as Mailchimp.


4.      Purchase quality security software

According to the research conducted by Choosi and CoreData, only 46% of respondents always purchase and update their anti-virus software. If you are browsing the internet, you absolutely need to do this. In addition to virus protection, the software should also provide a firewall against outside networks trying to gain access to your computer. It also needs to identify phishing sites, which pretend to be bank sites, auction or online game sites, and that collect your username and password.

5.      Use secure passwords and change them frequently

The most secure passwords use a series of letters, numbers, capitalisations and punctuation – for example: Chrystal_clear#22.  Don’t choose a phrase relating to something important to you that can be guessed (such as a birthday or pet’s name), and of course, don’t use the same password across accounts, and don’t write them down. Now, that’s the official line. In reality, it’s impossible to remember all our different secure passwords when we need one for every online transaction and social media account. So, use password management software to store your passwords for you – you only then need to remember the ‘master’ password to access all others. Are password managers safe, I hear you ask? Apparently so.

6.      Delete your browsing history

Almost every time you visit a site, you download a small data file called a ‘cookie’ from that site, which tracks your internet usage. While this can be handy for you – your computer will remember where you’ve been and what you want to see – it can also be used by government or intelligence agencies to track your browsing and collect information about you. If that thought bothers you, then make a habit of deleting cookies and temporary internet files from your browser. And even if you don’t mind Big Brother watching you, at least delete your browser history whenever you use a public computer.  A tool such as CCleaner will do the job for you, or you can manually delete cookies directly from your web browser).

7.      The super sneaky stuff

Okay, that’s all the easy hacks sorted. There is still a lot more you can do to protect your digital privacy – such as using an internet browser that blocks cookies, or an email service provider that encrypts your data. It requires a little more reading to understand, and may be a step further than you are prepared to go (it’s a little like going off-piste in the ski fields). But here is an excellent article to explain the options and point you in the right direction if you want to go there.

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