The Biz Mums Blogging Carnival

The Biz Mums Blogging Carnival is for business mummy bloggers to:

shout about their blog,
inspire and educate others,
gain more followers and possibly business,
network with other Biz Mum Bloggers

How to enter:

1. Pick a blog you’re particularly proud of you’ve written in the last month (or specially for the carnival).
2. Email the link of that post to the host of the next blog carnival. (Click here for the schedule)
3. Your blog will be published by the host on the nominated date.
4. Read through the posts and comment on a few.
5. Tweet and Facebook about it to all your followers so everyone knows it’s happening.

You can find the Blog Carnival schedule by clicking here.

What to write about:

Anything of interest to mums in business, anything you desperately feel you need to say – keep it interesting and personal and stay away from written adverts of your business.

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Biz Mums Blogging Carnival

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One Response to The Biz Mums Blogging Carnival

  1. Emma says:

    Sounds like a brilliant idea for mum bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

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