Why I am asking my Facebook fans to unlike my Facebook page

A little vlog outlining why I am asking my Facebook fans to unlike my Facebook page – it’s not as mad as you first might assume!

I’d love to see your comments below on what you think of my little initiative, cheers! Alli x

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10 Responses to Why I am asking my Facebook fans to unlike my Facebook page

  1. anna says:

    I totally agree. I do this occasionally. But as a business owner, I wish more people would do this – it saves me marketing to “fans” who aren’t really interested in my biz, plus it also clears some of the background noise for MY marketing to those who are genuinely interested. Win Win Win all round!

  2. Rina says:

    All makes very good sense! Might do something similar one day.

  3. Lea Anita says:

    I see where your coming from and understand! I have “liked” alot of pages through rafflecopters, its the conditions of entry to like a zillion pages sometimes! Pages I am not really interested in but would love the win of some of those prizes they lure us in with! I have stopped doing rafflecopters now and am in the process of unliking pages I have no interest or little interest in. May I suggest you not get involved in rafflecopters if you like to have “genuine” likers……lots of pages unfortunately have likers from rafflecopters and whats the point really but a waste of time? I will unlike your page no worries as I think it was through a rafflecopter! Good luck with the comments and true engagement, as thats what really satisfies! Cheers, Lea.

    • Kelly says:

      I am exactly the same – each month I go back through the ‘like pages’ section of kmy profile and unlike a lot of stuff

      • Alli says:

        I wish everyone would do that Kelly – it would make running a Biz Page so much easier as we wouldn’t be marketing to a whole lot of likes who don’t care anymore x

  4. Very insightful approach – I think that sometimes facebook can be a time robber for no direct impact.

  5. Hey Alli!

    Very very important points to consider. It’s so much important to have engagement and great content on Business Pages rather than the number of Likes, which as you say, skew the Insight stats. Also a great illustration of why you should never buy Likes – do it organically or by paid ads.

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