8 Ways to Find the Angle for Your Press Release

Written by Alli Price

It’s often a challenge to write a compelling press release for your own brand or product and not become over-passionate. It’s difficult to remain objective and know exactly what will draw people’s attention and find that “hook” that makes it interesting and relevant. Here are eight ways you can find the right angle for your product and write a press release that will stand out from the pile on the journo’s desk.

Find the angle for your press release

1. Does your product or service help make or save money? Times are tough. In today’s economy anything that has a financial angle will help you gain some cut-through.

2. Does it have an impact on society? Human interest stories sell! They generate empathy and interest. Are there social issues making headlines that can be tied in positively to what your company does?

3. Does it have an educational angle? Think scholarships, internships, grants, volunteers or anything that can provide opportunities to educate others. Working with schools is also a good angle e.g. your product encourages local students to eat healthy.

4. Can you tie it in with a topic that is currently newsworthy? Look for positive ways to relate your brand to topics that are making news headlines. This makes it easier for a journalist to create a story e.g. The Olympics, the carbon tax/environment, football finals, Valentines Day etc.

5. Has a report or survey been released that supports what you do? Provide credibility by including stats, quotes and references journalists can use so they don’t have to do further research. Releasing the findings of a new study or research could be your angle!

6. Is there an inspirational backstory/overcoming odds? Rags to riches stories or the “underdog” angle or are good – think along the lines of someone from a disadvantaged background taking a risk to set up their own business that now helps others.

7. Changed someone’s life? Inspirational stories or dramatic changes in life direction make headlines. If your brand has made or promises to make a difference to someone’s life in a positive way then make that your angle.

8. Is there something about your product or service that offers a point of difference to all others? Innovation is interesting and newsworthy. Maybe you are a trailblazer or just do things different/better. Make “standing out from your competition” your story.

So keep in mind that journalists aren’t interested if you’re having a sale, if you’ve just launched your business or if you make lovely clothes for kids – the only person who is interested in this is you! Think about what catches your attention in a magazine/newspaper and write for your customer.

Cheers! Alli x

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2 Responses to 8 Ways to Find the Angle for Your Press Release

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  2. Jo kosylo says:

    Love this, but I still think I’ll get the experts to do mine. I’ll book you in when I need a press release.

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